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HexTCG 主な戦績

Hex:shards of fate における 主な戦績のメモです。

HexTechs Open 8/16/14 TOP8 5-0-2
Fiveshards BLOOD CUP s1 12/20/14 TOP4 6-1-1
HexTechs Open Briggadon  2/28/15 TOP8 4-1-1
The Cup of Fate Season 1 (invitational) participation MASSILLIA CUP TOP8 4-1
ESL Play HEX Beta Cup Series North America Cup #4 TOP 8
Hex IQ 10/18/2015 62/261
The Cup of Fate Season 2 (invitational) participation  8-2 2nd place $500

Fiveshrads Weekly 優勝 1回

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